Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I am a Cherokee Jew. Recently I believed in no such of a thing (Cherokee Jews). After long hours of prayer, research on the Internet, the library etc. I came to the understanding of who I really am. After years of studing God's Word and wanting nothing but the truth I was hit with this! Wow, what a difference it makes when you know your roots. My life has changed completely, I am no longer a Gentile I am a Jew and from the tribe of Judah. The Cherokee people are a peaceful people and believe in the one true God, who created heaven and earth and they call him Yoweh, God's name in hebrew is Yaweh (sounds and looks almost the same). *Just for a quick note: look in the front of your King James Bible and it will give you the true name of God which they translated from "Yahweh", since Hebrew was the first orginal language written and spoken and is still used I call Him Yahweh. Here is a web site that talks about the Cherokee Jews, check it out if you want!